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    Samstag, 24. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 24. Türchen

    N: Does it go well with my skin tone?

    H: I think it would go very well with your skin tone and it looks a bit more dramatic than your “Mrs. Always Right”. It’s more decisive.

    N: Then yes, I’d like that.

    H: Because today I have to go there again and the good thing is, and this is why I asked you this question – that I can now go to the store because I need to buy something for the baby and I can also buy something for you which you enjoy afterwards, so it doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time if I go again.

    N: Yes, because you can justify your compulsive buying.

    H: You are slightly right, I'm afraid I have a mild shopping addiction. Because I enjoy. I really enjoy having good things. But the cool thing is, that my things last for years, I only buy good quality…

    N: You are speaking to the audience again, we know all that, so now because you have all those long lasting things you start buying things for me.

    H: Which is a good thing because you don’t like shopping.

    N: I don’t mind the act of clicking a link and paying, I just dislike the search and research. You sort of just bought me 2 pairs of shoes, you sent the link and I clicked and paid. I have a question too now that you speak of buying nail polish for me. Do we give each other a Christmas present? Because if so, I have to click another link now. You know I have a bit of a special situation in my private life at the moment, so I have not been able to do anything so far.

    H: You don’t have to buy anything, I’ll get a Christmas present for the both of us.

    N: Yes, okay, but you know I don't want to have the situation where we come into your living room. And the dog knocks over the Christmas tree and then you give us presents and we don’t have any. I am not prepared for any further emotional upheaval at the moment.

    H: Let me talk!

    N: But you talk all the time, we need this chess clock.

    H: But you ask all those questions and instead of letting me answer this very easily you continue asking more questions!

    N: Yes, this is because it’s a conversation.

    H: But if you have serious questions, you must give me a chance to answer them, and it's a… wait, WAIT! Don’t speak again!

    N: I think this transcript could have been an email.

    H: I’ll get something nice just for the two of us.

    N: Now this sounds sexual.

    H: No, I meant only the two of us get presents, the men and the kid don’t. Anyway we never give each other Christmas presents.

    N: You did last time.

    H: But it was only very small.

    N: Ok and it was something someone else had given you, someone told me later.

    H: I’ll take care of the presents and you bring a bottle of Champagne.

    N: I have that here already.

    H: And if it’s in your office so it’s the good stuff.

    N: It is, but this was one of the pains I suffered in the last couple of weeks, I wanted to buy like a truckload of champagne and I couldn’t get Veuve Clicquot! I had to buy Moet!

    H: I have Veuve here!

    N: Semi-sec?

    H: Yes!

    N: So we can do a champagne tasting!

    H: That’s pretty cool and we’ll have it all for ourselves because I bought so much beer for our husbands. And I think that’s a very appropriate end of the year for us. For you because it was such a shitty year for you and for me because it was such a successful year for me, and in both cases you have to drink something really good by the end of it.

    N: That’s right. Okay, so what about your baby?

    H: It’s not my baby. The situation is, I have this husband

    N: Oh, my God!

    H: I’m just kidding.

    N: No, you’re not, I saw him just a minute ago!

    H: Oh, yeah, that’s true, I do have him but this is not going into the direction that I am getting pregnant.

    N: Oh my God!!! He has someone else??

    (Wie es weitergeht erfahren Sie später hier.)

    Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 22. Türchen

    H: What am I looking at?

    N: My cat’s butt.

    H: Oh. Why are you at home?

    N: Because I will go to a Christmas party with my husband later on and it involves dressing up and going someplace in the woods by car. And so if I have to get home in time for this I would have had to leave the office at 3 o'clock or so, just to be on the safe side, and that's too much stress for me, so I decided to be at home, work from here, dress some time in between and I don’t have to schedule time for things that may go wrong. And it’s somewhere in the woods, you can only get there by car. Very annoying. I don’t really understand why people do Christmas Parties in places where you can only go by car. I’m such a public transporty person, I checked the menu of the venue and it said “Monatskarte” and my first thought was oh, you can buy a pass for a month and eat there every day. If you have a car.

    H: But I think the location where the office is can only be reached by car, too, right?

    N: Yes, ugh. Not everyone is so fortunate to live and work in a city center.

    H: I’m officially on vacation now but I’m not quite – oh the kid is coming. Hello, hello – and the dog is coming too!

    N: Hello kid, hello dog – this is a bit like a hippie commune. People coming in and going out again all the time, animals and so on. And here is my husband now, too. And your kid again. I’m stressed.

    H: He eats all the Christmas sweets. Oh my camera is going crazy. Can we start the THING now?

    N: I thought we had started it already, I have already made my one joke for the day.

    H: I say something Christmasy – my lip is cold. I have a cold lip.

    N: A cold sore?

    H: No, I don’t have herpes or the like. I just get very dry lips when it is cold, my skin gets very dry and my lips get dry and it may be a bit red even. Anyway, I thought I was on vacation and then I got an email from an NGO, a humanitarian NGO. I never heard of them. And they have a little job, and they want me to do that job. And they wanted an offer, and then I thought but I know that normally NGOs don't accept my offer because they pay different rates. So I think this will be my first pro bono because it's Christmas.

    N: Huh? Is it a Nigerian NGO? Do you normally do some sort of KYC process?

    (Teil II erscheint bald hier.)

    Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 21. Türchen (Teil 2)

    (Teil 1 ist hier.)

    N: Nah, most things are almost through. We closed accounts last Friday, So now it's only cleaning up the mess sort of, the remains. Get rid of the errors and things that don’t quite match and I like that because I like to look into things that went wrong, things that go right are boring, I’m interestedin mistakes and in how to find out to make it better.

    H: I would be interested in doing that as well, but I just don’t make mistakes.

    N: Well, yeah, it's not that I find my own mistakes, I find other people’s mistakes. Maybe there is also someone who checks on me but they havent been in touch yet. I can look into your work for mistakes if you like!

    H: That’s a cute idea but I’m almost through with everything, I had a tiny meeting today and I have a last one on Thursday that is really only drinking coffee. And I need to hand in one more document which I am writing right now and it has to be handed in tomorrow by 12, and then I’m officially on vacation.

    N: Oh I had a very funny phone call this morning! I needed information from someone, external, not internal, an institution, sort of. So I called the person and the assistant answered and I said I want to speak to this person please. And the assistant said “She is not available for you”. So I thought oh, this is great, she is not unavailable, which would be a problem, she is just not available for me, which is a situation that can be much more easily resolved than if she was on vacation or dead or something, so this is really good news! So I asked “Who is she available for?” and the assistant was so taken aback taht there was no clear answer. So I asked if she was available for my boss and the assistant said yes, of course. So I said well, I’m speaking with his voice and his authority, so put me through already! And she did. It was hilarious!

    H: But I like that answer - not available for you. Was it in English or in German?

    N: German.

    H: What was the exact phrase? I need to memorize that.

    N: She said “ist für Sie derzeit nicht zu sprechen”. But be careful, it was not a good answer, it is an opening and you can just put your foot in the door. It was actually pretty stupid. But it made me so happy when she said this. Finally something interesting is happening, you know, it’s all year I gotta call someone and follow up on something, that’s very boring, but then the person on the other side wants to play! And suddenly I am alive!

    H: And you saw me, you saw my reaction to this totally crazy person because I immediately saw the beauty of the situation!

    N: Yes and I was actually surprised that this assistant knows me at all, I wouldn’t have thought so. But that was nice, not being wanted to be spoken to, you know.

    H: It makes me feel like a very powerful person.

    N: I think I’m known as a terribly persistent and annoying person, well not generally of course, only to this assistant and her boss.

    H: So did she put you through?

    N: Of course she did! She was perplexed, things did not unfold as she had imagined. She had imagined, I think, that she would give me that line and then I would be offended and back down, but I am never offended and I never back down.

    H: Oh that is so funny! And how did that discussion go then?

    N: After that it was boring. She asked somewhat annoyed, “Good morning Novemberregen, what can I do for you today?” And I said “same as always, same as always” because, you know, this person needs to do something and she has delayed that, so I call her and email her a lot. She said we would get an answer by tomorrow and I said well thank you, that would be great, otherwise I would call again.

    H: I feel very privileged right now, because we will now stop the TP and I am the only person who in a few seconds will know who that person was, because you will tell me and only me and we will take it to the grave!

    Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 20. Türchen

    H: Hello, dear!

    N: Hello.It was even more complicated today to start up this laptop, because i'm still logged on on the PC in the office, which is intentionally because…

    Mr. H: Hello, hello, I came in intentionally to say hello, and someone else wants to say hello, too!

    N: Oh, hello, and the doggy dog, hello!

    Mr. H: Normally the cat lies here. Byebye we go again.

    N: Nice to see you. And the doggie is wagging her tail. Oh, everyone is very happy at your household today. So I was saying that you know I I took even longer to log on here today, because i'm still logged on in the office and this is why I now needed to enter 5 passwords and use 2 different kind of hardware tokens and you know this is even more funny, because the reason why i'm still logged on in the office is that it takes for my taste too long in the morning to log, so I might have a case there. I only shut the machine down over the weekend. Otherwise, you know I lose too much time actually and I'm totally aware that security is important. But the balance between security and comfort is no longer a good balance. We are in the red very much.

    H: I never shut down my laptop. I simply don't.

    N: Yeah, Well, I have to, because it gets automatic updates and the like, but once a week is enough. And outside the office I always shut it down because it might get stolen. Not very probable but I know what kind of things happen then in my firm and i don't want to be the person who is the reason, it’s very unpleasant, many institutions involved and I don’t want to be part of this, well I am anyway but not in the role of the person who lost their laptop.

    H: And all the people have to work then that wouldn’t be working otherwise because it’s a holiday.

    N: Exactly. It always happens on weekends or holidays, people get it stolen from their terrace or balcony on the ground floor.

    H: The funny thing is that I would consider people working in your office to be very, very smart, but to leave a laptop outside on the ground floor is not so smart.

    N: Well I always say I donÄt want to have a ground floor, too complicated so this is not a problem I usually have. But even so, I live on the second floor, and the door is not open during the day, because it's like Arctic temperatures outside. But still I shut it down when I leave this desk because it might get lost and when this happens I want to be able to say: yes, it was locked and the hardware token was not inside.

    H: Oh, where's the bear you didn’t get rid of it, did you??

    N: Why should I? Because you said it? That's ridiculous!

    H: But where is it?

    N: I can’t see it either because the camera is mirrored and my brain can’t process such things, I don’t know which way I have to move.

    H: I’m relieved because I do not want to be the reason you get rid of the bear.

    N: And you would be so disappointed in me if I did what you said.

    H: Yes, because this is not the kind of relationship that we normally have.

    N: And you would expect me to have more grit.

    H: But yes, I would also hope that at one point you think okay my kid is 18 years old and this bear is sitting there taking up really a lot of room because it’s a huge bear…

    N: I told you that it is kitty’s bear and also, when I come home and I’m really very exhausted and I fall on this bed because I just can’t make it all the way through to the living room, then I find comfort in the bear. Emotional comfort.

    H: But I am your emotional comfort animal!

    N: Yes, but the bear is more for emotional bodily contact. I’m not sure if you would be available for that.

    (Teil II erscheint später hier.)

    Montag, 19. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 19. Türchen (Teil II)

    (Teil I ist hier)

    N: My mind works differently in 2 ways I think. The first is that I don#t see ugliness. It just don't see it, which is a good thing. I don't see it in people, either, which is a good thing, too. It makes me a very friendly person. And the second thing is that I don't want to have a relationship with things, you know I I don't want them necessarily to belong to me. I could live in a furnished apartment that would be fine. I could live in a hotel that would be good for me. I don't want to have a relationship with things. And this is why I don’t like buying things, it creates a relationship, I pay for them with my money and invite them into my home and then it’s like a vampire, they drain my energy.

    H: I lived in a furniture department for 2 years, because I lived in California. So you moved there with a suitcase basically and well it was it's. It was the apartment of an architect and designer. So it was very nice. But why, this was totally okay, is because I didn't have much stuff. So my main motivation for having furniture is to have a very good system to store stuff.

    N: Yes, and I don't want to have stuf. If there was a place we could go in the morning, you could go there naked, and they would clothe you, and then in the evening you return the clothes that would be perfect for me. I don’t want to own stuff.

    H: Yeah, but you have a lot of stuff.

    N: Yes, I guess and I feel burdened by it. I didn't invite all this stuff into my home, other people did that.

    H: I need to tell you by the way, so i'm looking as you sitting in a chair. Okay, So everybody needs to have a chat behind you there's a bed, but I normally sleep there, so this needs to be there, too, but I also see that huge like humongous teddy bear.

    N: OK but it does not belong to me. It belongs to another person in the household.

    H: But why is it in your room?

    N: This is not my room. If it was my room, why would the washing be in there and your bed? Why should I concern myself with what is in this room?

    H: That’s true.

    N: I’m a poor person and don’t have my own room.

    H: But I guess the person the bear belongs to has their own room.

    N: Actually the bear now belongs to the cat. She sleeps in the bear’s lap. It’s very cute. The cats are the real proprietors of this apartment.

    H: Now I’m out of all the arguments in the world. because you cannot argue with cats.

    N: Anyway, I want to say again how much I dislike having things and it always happens that people give me things because they just don’t listen. For my birthday for example.

    H: But I gave you a useful thing!

    N: Yes, that’s right, so I won’t give that away.

    H: Hold on, how do you mean I won't give that away?

    N: Well you know that I always give things away because I don’t want them, I do it all the time. It is things other people give me although I keep saying I don’t want things. So I give them away. What should I do? By the way, the cat is very excited, and is licking my arms and legs because I smell of your dog.

    H: Oh, yeah, and my dog was very unhappy when you left, because she didn't realize that you were going.

    N: Oh, I didn’t say goodbye, I’m sorry but I was in a hurry.

    H: Well, it made the cat very happy because the dog was very unhappy, and whenever the dog is unhappy the cat is very happy.

    N: I see. So I made the dog happy by coming, and I made the cat happy by going. This sounds fair. So we make everyone happy and stop this transcript now.

    Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 18. Türchen (Teil II)

    (Teil 1 ist hier.)

    H: Okay, So let me tell you about how to pay a compliment. My husband is trained so well that he can make appropriate sounds about a piece of clothing that I wear without looking at it. So I enter the room and I say how's that dress and he says, awesome. Still looking at his paper, and at 1 point I explained to him you first have to look, and then then you have to wait 2 seconds so I get the impression that you actually think about it and then you must say “looks good”.

    N: But I don’t know if you want to look younger! You certainly don’t want to look like a spotty teenager! I would have to say “you look 39” only 39 is much too flat, 38 is much better. Oh, all words are so loaded with meaning and context I feel overwhelmed by this at the moment.

    H: I also have a new sweater.

    N: Yes, it's nice, very nice. It's very screen-friendly.

    H: Yeah, I thought so, and people only know me in black and white stripes. So now I have blue and brown stripes, I’m a totally new person.

    N: And they no longer think you're in jail!

    H: Oh, this crazy person! I remember that at 1 point I explained to the client, my main client that I conference with I don't know, 3 times a week, and at 1 point I explained to her it's always a different sweater. I have many of those. and she knew because she saw little differences. I didn't want to look like this very poor and very scary person who wore the same sweater for 3 years.

    N: Well, it might also be a very efficient person if you just have one set of clothing. But you have it multiple times.

    H: But I wanted to make sure that they knew if they sat next to me I wouldn't be smelly.

    N: Yeah, because now these days it's important to you what the people think. AnywayI've just come back from a corona test center. and for the first time in the whole pandemic I was in one which I think was maybe one of those money laundering places.

    H: Oh, fantastic! How did you find out?

    N: Well, I didn't find out, I just assume, I'm judgmental.

    H: Okay, What led you to the assumption?

    N: Well, first of all, I booked the appointment online but when I came there they did not have any “online” but I had to fill in a piece of paper, you know with a pen and handwriting, horrible. And there were youths loitering on the steps in front of the testing center. And actually those were the people doing the tests. So I just pushed through them to get inside, and they followed me, and I thought, Oh, what is going on now? Why are they following me? Are they going to rob me? But no, they were going to stick a swab inside my nose.

    H: Was it professional, the sticking part?

    N: Actually it was better than my last experience. Last time at the other place they only touched my nose hair or something. And I even got the result, I was afraid this would’nt work because I had to write down my email address and you know, my name is a bit difficult and my handwriting is a bit difficult, so I was not sure if I’d ever get the result but I did.

    H: You can always use my name if you like. I have this very easy name that is one tenth of the amount of letters that your last name has.

    N: Yes, and I always thinkI need this additional email address with a simple name just for those purposes. But then I forget immediately again, and they’re probably all taken, the easy email addresses. And I would have to decide on the name. I would like to find the perfect name for such an email address which works internationally. So no Karin with K or C or e or i.

    H: I jused a name as my Starbucks name but it was only good for speaking: Anne.

    N: Yes, that’s good in speaking but obviously does not work in writing. Sarah is difficult, too. Can be with or without H

    H: Rose is easy!

    N: Oh, yes and you can pronounce it differently depending on which country you are in and you can even say “like the flower”.

    H: But rose@gmail.com is probably already taken.

    N: I need to find out but I think so. I could add an easy number like 4711.

    Samstag, 17. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 17. Türchen

    N: Did you buy my shoes?

    H: No, I didn't.

    N: Oh. What happened?

    H: It was devastating. Everything turned out like I had planned. So I was there at 9 in the morning, like really early, and there was no one there and the parking lot was completely empty, and I could just get out of the car, jump into the store and go back because I had things to do, and so I went into the store. There were like 3 gazillion people in the store.

    N: How the fuck did they get there?? A bus hidden somewhere or a boeing jet?

    H: I don’t know. Blimping? And then it turned out that the special offer, all of the special offers was only available in size 37.

    N: That’s not our size.

    H: And I was supposed to buy 4 pairs! Like our 2 and 2 for other people, all of them were size 40! So I already had in mind If I only find at least one which is mine…

    N: And then a second pair for me because I am the nicest of the other 3!

    H: I don't wanna say that not because I never know whether people read it or not. But you would have been the most deserving. But all of us needed 40, so there was nothing to do. So I bought shoes for my son in 47 and shoes for my husband in 47. But in different stores, and then I went home.

    N: Okay, so we don't have winter shoes now and it’s your fault.

    H: We don't but I sent you an email like 10 min ago. Because I found them at some other store for basically twice the price but that is still within the range you were willing to pay if I found them in black.

    N: I’m just checking my email - oh there they are and they are indeed black. With zebra fur.

    H: And I like that. I'm tempted I mean what's wrong with Zebra?

    N: Nothing is wrong with zebra. Everything is perfect with zebra and they have this fur inside?

    H: Yes, but for me that would be the game changer, because I need shoes with fur inside, because i'm old and and hormonal, and i'm always cold, and I have very cold feet, and then I need to cry so I need this fur inside, not outside. Not like the ugly Uggs. So let me see, because I don't know how many pairs they still have.

    N: Oh, I bought them just now already.

    H: You bought them already??

    N: Yes, so please go ahead and buy your pair now!

    H: You didn't do the research?

    N: I never do research. I just act. I’m not compulsive obsessive, I’m compulsive active.

    H: But you need to do the research! Because apparently they run really small and you have to buy them one or even 2 sizes larger. So you should by 41 and I maybe even 42 because of the double socks I will be wearing. May I introduce you to the concept of a podcast, it is when people talk, not when people do things on their phones. And mostly both people talk and while it is nice that only I talk I don’t know what you are doing there.

    N: Lalala I buy shoes! I just cancelled the order and placed a new one for 41, are you happy now? Now go buy your pair in 42 but did you do the research? They are more expensive than in 41. You didn't do your research because in 42 they are incredibly expensive.

    H: Yeah, but probably I can go with 41 as well. Anyway, do we go and scream in front of the church this year?

    N: I think so? We have all the reasons. It’s a good year for screaming, it has been the worst year for me in a long time.

    (Teil 2 erscheint später hier.)

    Freitag, 16. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 16. Türchen (Teil II)

    (Teil 1 ist hier.)

    H: Yes, shoes for myself and maybe for my kid. But I come to that in a in a second so what happened Is that…

    N: You're going to do sports and so you need sports shoes.

    H: No. I'm going to go on a holiday on that island in the North Sea, in December. So between Christmas and New Year and it's gonna be really really cold there, and it's gonna be really really bad weather situation wise. So of course, I bring 3 pairs of welling for 3 people.But on top of that I need a pair of shoes to go into a restaurant in the evening. It's probably gonna be snowy and it's gonna be really cold. And so I have very warm underwear and warm socks for everyone. So that kind of stuff, and we have our wellingtons.

    N: Wait, but in some old podcast you already told me that it is your habit to travel to the coast in winter and shout at the Sea, what happened with the shoes you were wearing then, where are they?

    H: I was young and stupid then and I used to wear sneakers, I always went for looks over comfort and I’m not that kind of person any more. Now I need comfortable and appropriate footwear. So I was researching yesterday, and the thing is everything you would want to wear comfortably is not what makes me happy. Optics-wise. So I spend a huge amount of time yesterday rresearching that, and I came out with one particular pair of shoes that I thought are the perfect shoes. But they are very expensive. The shoes are DocMarten’s Chelsea boots with lambswool inside.

    N: Ah, they are indestructible! And they are comfortable. What do they cost? I have an idea, bring me a pair, if you buy 2 you can negotiate, they’ll give you a better price!

    H: Now look we don’t even need to negotiate. What happened is that I clicked on some ads, because I need something that is not a Chelsea boot with a leather sole and not a sneaker and I don’t have that. So I bought fake Ugg boots.

    N: Uhhh!

    H: Yes and they are very ugly and I’ll send them back. And this morning it was funny, I got this spam from the outlet center and they have exactly the shoes I need and the color I wanted!

    N: Which is black.

    H: No, it’s brown but a very pretty brown.

    Great, because what happened this morning it was very funny. I got a span made from this outlet center, saying, We are having a special sale this weekend from Frank Friday to Sunday, and we have the following extremely great offers.

    N: 15:14:12

    And they had exactly those stock mountains and the color I wanted.

    N: 15:14:18

    Which is black.

    H: No, it's back brown but it's very pretty.

    N: Ah, I want black.

    H: But it’s a kind of brown that can go with black. And they are basically made for us, for a purpose, they are purpose shoes. There may be also black ones but I am not sure they have fur inside.

    N: Okay, you know my clothes and my style, you go there and pick a nice pair of shoes for me, do you know my size? Yes, of course you do.

    H: Let's take a look at the website, because I think it's a very nice brown. I think it goes with everything and they are reduced from 200 something to 69 euros.

    N: Whatever. You buy this for me,

    H: I think we should label this as an ad because I only talked about buying stuff. But the good thing is that we will only post it when the special sale is over. So don’t publish this too early tomorrow or other people will steal the shoes from us!

    N: That was a nice talk. I’m very happy!

    Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 15. Türchen

    H: You’ve got very bad hair today, what happened there?

    N: I got wet, there was rain - no snow. It was snow, and so when I came home my hair was dripping, and I put a what is it called in it?

    H: A scratchy scratch.

    N: A Me see scrolling G scratch, c.

    H:I feel very special because I know a word that the INTELLIGENCE just doesn’t know.

    N: Anyway, I put a rubber band in my hair.

    H: Elegantly solved!

    N: And now I just took it out again. and so my hair is sticking up, and I think I should go to the hairdresser’s soon. But I don’t dare. I’m not sure how expensive it will be, so I’m not sure if I can afford it.

    H: What happened??

    N: Inflation and Putin happened, they use hot water and electricity, it will probably cost millions!

    H: And we got a letter again from the gas provider, announcing that I think from February on we will pay another €100 or something more per month. So it’s next to 3 times the amount which it was before.

    N: And you don’t use the heating much, do you?

    H: Well, now we do actually because it gets really cold, and the problem with our apartment is that we don't have neighbors - We only have upstairs neighbors, and so there is nothing around us where there's yeah warmth.

    N: Even I had to put on the heating - in the bedroom! For the first time ever in my life. I had to find it first and then the wheelie thing was stuck and I had to open it with a tool. But it was necessary because, you know, usually I have the window open all the time but this is too cold now, so the window was closed during the night and when I got up in the morning the window was wet on the inside, and dripping. So I checked the temperature and it was 9 degrees.

    H: Ugh!!

    N: I don’t mind, you know, I sleep below 3 blankets like in a little nest, that’s all fine. But I don’t want to ruin the apartment, so I think I need to turn on the heating now.

    H: And you want to keep your clothes!

    N: Oh I don’t mind about them, I can always get new ones from you.

    H: No, you can’t, I gained 2 kilos!

    N: You have the flu? How can you possibly gain weight with the flu?

    H: I think I gained 5 kilos. I lost 3 again.

    N: So is there some sort of Aufforderung hidden there in this sentence? Like “give me my things back!”?

    H: Oh, no, I only wanted to point into the direction that things are going, that for the next couple of months I will probably not get rid of clothes because, look, those that I shrunk out of. I grow back into.

    N: That's not good for me. I think you should pursue a healthier lifestyle.

    H: But I did today, I ate 2 kilos of oranges and one kilo of tangerines and it made my stomach hurt!

    N: Dosis venenum facit or something like this, we say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, not 2 kilos of oranges keep the doctor away.

    H: But I wanted to eat that because I was interested in eating citrus fruit.

    N: Are you pregnant? Oh no, you did the test already, the triple test for Covid, flu and pregnancy.

    H: I am fit again but I have extremely low blood pressure. I cannot get out of bed in the morning. It's so painful and it takes me hours to physically arrive at a point where I think Okay, i'm awake. And, you know, I switched intoa habit that I did not switch into ion 2 and a half years of pandemic, that is, the first 2 - 3 hours every morning in workin my PJs.

    N: That’s disgusting.

    H: But I have a very early meeting tomorrow, so I have to take a shower at 8.

    N: Interesting, anyway, is the cat there eating oranges too, or what do you have in the bowls behind you on the window sill - oh, and that’s the window to the conservatory, right?

    (Teil 2 erscheint später hier)

    Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 14. Türchen

    N: Hello! Hello! Hello! hello! Oh, hello! Hello! I am so relieved. The transcript works now. Imagine, what if we had not been able to continue this wonderful experience!

    H: that would have been really sad.

    N: Yes, but we are lucky today.

    H: Yeah, ok I have to moderate what you're seeing. I washed my hair like half an hour ago it's not that my head completely greasy.

    N: Yes, but what is it you are wearing? Are you wearing a nun’s – wassitcalled that nuns wear?

    H: No, I'm wearing a hoodie, because I’m cold.

    N: I see. It looked a bit like, you know, what do you call it? I don’t know that word in any language I speak because I’m not a religious person. So the clothing they wear.

    H: A habit?

    N: Or a shift? Something clothing-related is called a shift.

    H: Anyway, the reason why I look the way I look is because I just came from the shower, because I couldn't shower earlier. because so many things were delivered today.

    N: Did you order things again?

    H: I always other things.

    N: What did you buy?

    H: Today the furniture for my office came, that’s a delivery with a truck and many people schlepping stuff inside, so you have to be there to open the door because otherwise people get really angry. And I was so happy, it was 3 people but they didn’t speak German, they came in and said “do you speak English” and I said “yes” and then I said “you just bring it through to the conservatory!”. I was so happy that I know the word!

    N: And did they know the word?

    H: Probably not. But the good thing is that the information to just walk straight ahead and go through that door was enough. But yeah, that was funny. So I have to laugh about myself that I could use that word!

    N: So what else came today?

    H: Christmas presents, several. My husband is not reading the THING and he is not participating today because he is in the office.

    N: So he did return!

    H: I ordered a frying pan for my husband, so he can hit me with it if I’m not nice. I bought a very heavy one.

    (Teil II erscheint bald hier.)

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