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    Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 20. Türchen

    H: Hello, dear!

    N: Hello.It was even more complicated today to start up this laptop, because i'm still logged on on the PC in the office, which is intentionally because…

    Mr. H: Hello, hello, I came in intentionally to say hello, and someone else wants to say hello, too!

    N: Oh, hello, and the doggy dog, hello!

    Mr. H: Normally the cat lies here. Byebye we go again.

    N: Nice to see you. And the doggie is wagging her tail. Oh, everyone is very happy at your household today. So I was saying that you know I I took even longer to log on here today, because i'm still logged on in the office and this is why I now needed to enter 5 passwords and use 2 different kind of hardware tokens and you know this is even more funny, because the reason why i'm still logged on in the office is that it takes for my taste too long in the morning to log, so I might have a case there. I only shut the machine down over the weekend. Otherwise, you know I lose too much time actually and I'm totally aware that security is important. But the balance between security and comfort is no longer a good balance. We are in the red very much.

    H: I never shut down my laptop. I simply don't.

    N: Yeah, Well, I have to, because it gets automatic updates and the like, but once a week is enough. And outside the office I always shut it down because it might get stolen. Not very probable but I know what kind of things happen then in my firm and i don't want to be the person who is the reason, it’s very unpleasant, many institutions involved and I don’t want to be part of this, well I am anyway but not in the role of the person who lost their laptop.

    H: And all the people have to work then that wouldn’t be working otherwise because it’s a holiday.

    N: Exactly. It always happens on weekends or holidays, people get it stolen from their terrace or balcony on the ground floor.

    H: The funny thing is that I would consider people working in your office to be very, very smart, but to leave a laptop outside on the ground floor is not so smart.

    N: Well I always say I donÄt want to have a ground floor, too complicated so this is not a problem I usually have. But even so, I live on the second floor, and the door is not open during the day, because it's like Arctic temperatures outside. But still I shut it down when I leave this desk because it might get lost and when this happens I want to be able to say: yes, it was locked and the hardware token was not inside.

    H: Oh, where's the bear you didn’t get rid of it, did you??

    N: Why should I? Because you said it? That's ridiculous!

    H: But where is it?

    N: I can’t see it either because the camera is mirrored and my brain can’t process such things, I don’t know which way I have to move.

    H: I’m relieved because I do not want to be the reason you get rid of the bear.

    N: And you would be so disappointed in me if I did what you said.

    H: Yes, because this is not the kind of relationship that we normally have.

    N: And you would expect me to have more grit.

    H: But yes, I would also hope that at one point you think okay my kid is 18 years old and this bear is sitting there taking up really a lot of room because it’s a huge bear…

    N: I told you that it is kitty’s bear and also, when I come home and I’m really very exhausted and I fall on this bed because I just can’t make it all the way through to the living room, then I find comfort in the bear. Emotional comfort.

    H: But I am your emotional comfort animal!

    N: Yes, but the bear is more for emotional bodily contact. I’m not sure if you would be available for that.

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