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    Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 22. Türchen

    H: What am I looking at?

    N: My cat’s butt.

    H: Oh. Why are you at home?

    N: Because I will go to a Christmas party with my husband later on and it involves dressing up and going someplace in the woods by car. And so if I have to get home in time for this I would have had to leave the office at 3 o'clock or so, just to be on the safe side, and that's too much stress for me, so I decided to be at home, work from here, dress some time in between and I don’t have to schedule time for things that may go wrong. And it’s somewhere in the woods, you can only get there by car. Very annoying. I don’t really understand why people do Christmas Parties in places where you can only go by car. I’m such a public transporty person, I checked the menu of the venue and it said “Monatskarte” and my first thought was oh, you can buy a pass for a month and eat there every day. If you have a car.

    H: But I think the location where the office is can only be reached by car, too, right?

    N: Yes, ugh. Not everyone is so fortunate to live and work in a city center.

    H: I’m officially on vacation now but I’m not quite – oh the kid is coming. Hello, hello – and the dog is coming too!

    N: Hello kid, hello dog – this is a bit like a hippie commune. People coming in and going out again all the time, animals and so on. And here is my husband now, too. And your kid again. I’m stressed.

    H: He eats all the Christmas sweets. Oh my camera is going crazy. Can we start the THING now?

    N: I thought we had started it already, I have already made my one joke for the day.

    H: I say something Christmasy – my lip is cold. I have a cold lip.

    N: A cold sore?

    H: No, I don’t have herpes or the like. I just get very dry lips when it is cold, my skin gets very dry and my lips get dry and it may be a bit red even. Anyway, I thought I was on vacation and then I got an email from an NGO, a humanitarian NGO. I never heard of them. And they have a little job, and they want me to do that job. And they wanted an offer, and then I thought but I know that normally NGOs don't accept my offer because they pay different rates. So I think this will be my first pro bono because it's Christmas.

    N: Huh? Is it a Nigerian NGO? Do you normally do some sort of KYC process?

    (Teil II erscheint bald hier.)

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