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    Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 7. Türchen (Teil 1)

    H: You have to hurry up, I'm waiting for a phone call.

    N: Yes, and any moment my boss might come through the door so then you have to look like a business person which you do of course. Because I am waiting for a piece of info from him which is very very urgent but he's on the phone all the time and so sometimes he just, you know he has a wireless headset, so he runs through the office, and dumps paper on my desk because he can’t speak.

    H: Could you do me a favor? I only know him from photos. So can you turn the camera around so I can see him if he comes running in ß

    N: I’ll try, I try, but he's incredibly quick.

    H: Yeah, but that would be incredibly entertaining. I could look like a very busy business person. I could change my glasses, I could take the non-ugly business glasses. I see worse through these.

    N: You see worse but you look better. Language – yay!

    H: Incredible pun.

    N: So how has your day been so far?

    H: I've been working like a mad person, and my husband has the flu.

    N: Oh really. Oh that's new.

    H: Well, yesterday we kind of sensed that this was going to happen. And now every few hours we meet in the kitchen, all three of us because, you know, my child is also back at home because has a fever again.

    N: So every couple of hours you meet to check if everyone is still alive.

    H: No, we meet in the kitchen to consume medication.

    N: I see, Like, what do you call that? The place where you go to take drugs.

    H: Well if it's allowed then it's the white cross.

    N: Exactly. You meet and you take your methadone.

    H: And then we go and do your things again, whatever it may be. Exactly. And every single time we do that, we think of you.

    N: Why??

    H: Because I have all those things from the Vitamin Owl.

    N: Oh yes, oh I forgot that I have those things and I never took them again after I started – you know, it took a couple of weeks after Covid before I forgot that I had had it, but then at some point maybe a month later, I forgot. And then I forgot to take the vitamins.

    H: I even reordered new ones. We take zinc.

    N: Zinc gives me a terrible stomach ache. I can't take zinc.

    H: Oh I love zinc, it seems to be good if you have the flu so I've taken zinc, and we take multivitamins, and we take vitamin b1 and we take vitamin D and vitamin K. And I really don't get why I still have the flu.

    N: Vitamin D is the stuff you also take to uplift your spirits, right? When you don't have enough sunshine and I discovered that, you know, I'm not a person who needs sunshine, obviously, I detest sunshine and my body doesn't need it I think. And my spirit is always so uplifted that, you know, if I take vitamin D, that's too much. I’d be insufferable. I know what you are going to say now.

    Der zweite Teil kommt hier.

    Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 6. Türchen (Teil II)

    Der erste Teil ist hier. Entschuldigen Sie den langen Cliffhanger. ich hätte auch gern vor 21:48 Uhr ein paar Sekunden Ruhe am Tag, aber es ist, wie es ist.

    H: Yes, oh, I see, you have the lucky cat waving the money and if people say no, no, you don’t get our money then you turn around to the other side and take your little black box and take out your hand granade!

    N: Right. Very often, when I have calls with people a lot, so regularly with the same people, at some point they ask “What is in that box?” And then I say “Well, what do you think is in that box?” And the answer very often is: “A fountain pen.”

    H: And then you say no, its two fountain pens?

    N: No, I say “That’s a beautiful thought, let’s keep that thought."

    H: Do you want to tell me and the public what's in that box?

    N: Oh, it's a fake box there's nothing in it. So, I mean, the box is not fake, I could put something in it but, I mean, why should I??

    H: There’s nothing in the signature folders either?

    N: Nothing in the folders.

    H: But it looks vvery elegant, it kind of takes the focus away from these somewhat out dated sideboard.

    N: Exactly. And usually when I have a call and there is also my boss on it or other people from the office, they afterwards call me and say “oh I saw in the call you tidied up your office, it looks totally different!” But of course it’s just this one view, all my things are on the other side where you can’t see it because the camera is positioned this way.

    H: We all do this, here, look at this side, there is my laundry. And the bed. Now you can say hey, when I worked from home you said to me “don’t put laundry in your office!”. But this here is because of Putin! This is the room where the central heating is on.

    N: Yes, I know, but whan it was my room it was not because of Putin but because of - how do you say this - precarious circumstances, poverty so to say. I don’t have a room which I can use only as my office at home.

    H: But you have a daughter who will move out one day, then you have a hobby room.

    N: I still won’t have room for an office then. I may want a laundry room or a library only at the moment I’m throwing away all the books and replacing them with shoes. I may want a room only for shoes.

    H: Anyway, I want to talk to you about process management.

    N: Is this a review talk today?

    H: Yes, we need other topics than the flu. And everything we set so far is nonsense.

    N: The THING writes set instead of sad. Oh my got, it is all wrong, our pronunciation is all wrong. Said said said. Set. Sad. One has to practice that!

    H: It’s very difficult. And it gives room for interpretation. So do we have an interesting topic today.

    N: Let me think. Oh I remembered the word for “Winter Garden”. It’s “conservatory”! I think we should use this word more often.

    H: This is a wonderful word, it’s actually a room that we use for our shoes from outside, but now when the doorbell rings I can say “oh do go through to the conservatory!” and people will be standing in this really shabby room thinking okay this is not what I had in mind.

    N: But you can put up a little sign, a brass sign saying “conservatory”.

    H: And they will think what are they conserving there, maybe bodies?

    N: We are always come back to this body topic. I don’t know where this comes from. I don’t usually think about bodies and where to keep them. I feel quite relaxed at the moment.

    H: I'm not that relaxed because I have to work the six days that I slept. I have to work in the next six days so I have to work for 12 days in six days. But I had a very long meeting this morning with my new colleague, And she performed amazingly!

    N: So you have to give her a really good Christmas bonus payment! - Look at your face in the camera!


    N: Good. I think this is long enough, even though it's not interesting. Today it's not interesting. Look what I am doing. This is, you know, sometimes in order to build up a relationship, build up trust, you have to make yourself vulnerable. So if we say “it’s not interesting today” of course everyone can jump in and say something very very mean. So, this is our attempt now to build trust, a relationship.

    H: And so we leave it at that. But I think that people know that we are doing this for us and that other people…

    N: Now don’t take it back, don’t spoil it! Let’s be vulnerable and see what happens.

    H: Okay.

    Montag, 5. Dezember 2022
    WmdedgT 12/2022

    (Alles zu WmdedgT und die übrigen Beiträge bei Frau Brüllen.)

    Puh, ja, heute 5.12., die Zeit rennt. Ich renne auch. Ich habe viel geschlafen, weil ich gestern schon um 21:20 Uhr im Bett lag wegen Müdigkeit, dann schlief ich bis 5 Uhr und hatte Durst, dann schlief ich nochmal bis Weckerklingeln um 7 Uhr und war dann noch müde. Ich werde mehr schlafen müssen.

    Wegen viel Gepäck fuhr ich mit dem Auto ins Büro, ich musste auch pünktlich da sein, weil ich gleich um 9:30 Uhr einen Termin mit dem nOC hatte und ich dachte, ich hätte den noch gar nicht vorbereitet - hatte ich aber doch, nur vergessen, denn das war wohl am Donnerstag und das ist lang, lang her. Aber umso besser. Es ist Jahresende, wir machen viele Zahlen momentan, es gab ein paar Änderungen, ich änderte die Zahlen, kam zurück und sagte "jetzt hat alles ineinander geklackt, alles ergibt Sinn, also die Zahlen, spüren Sie das?" Er antwortete nicht, wirkte aber auch sehr müde, ich werde darüber hinwegsehen.

    Den ganzen Tag als Zeugs mit Zahlen gemacht und zig Dinge auf die Zielgerade gebracht, ächz ächz, es sieht aber alles ganz hervorragend aus, das ist auch schön. In der Kantine gab es Spaghetti aglio olio, wer kommt auf so eine Idee? War aber lecker.

    Nachmittags teilweise auch Zeugs ohne Zahlen, plötzlich wurde die Zeit knapp, denn ich war um 18:45 Uhr mit M. verabredet, ich warf also alles in den Schrank und ging einfach weg, um mit M. einige Weihnachtsgeschenke und Nikolaussüßigkeiten zu kaufen.

    Zu Hause hatte Herr N. gekocht, das war super, wir kamen nämlich erst um 20:30 Uhr an und ich hätte wirklich keine Lust gehabt, mich auch noch um Essen zu kümmern. Deshalb habe ich seither nur die Einkäufe verräumt, M noch beim Aufhängen einiger Bilder assistiert, Streit zwischen den Katzen geschlichtet und im Sessel gesessen. Und jetzt gehe ich schlafen, ich bin nämlich immer noch müde.

    Der große Adventskalender TP - 5. Türchen (Teil II)

    (Teil I hier.)

    N: We went there and said, so okay here we are to get the tree, what is the process? And a guy in an orange vest said: There’s the saws, take one, take a tree. And there were a lot of rusty saws, thy were hanging on some sort of wooden pole. And we took one and said, where do we go now and he said: left or right and waved with his hand around, Christmas trees everywhere. So we went left, found a nice tree and thought, now what, we had to somehow saw it off at the bottom, so you have to kneel in the mud or what? I didn't do that my daughter did that. I just held up the branches of the tree because it was snowy, there was snow on the tree and it fell into the collar our jackets. And the sawing is somehow difficult, you always slip off the stem of the tree - the tree trunk. We were not good at that. And I decided, you know it has advantages to be 50, you can just straighten up and shout to any person “hey come over now we need help here!”, so a young man came and started the sawing and when we had a good notch it was easy and we took the tree to the car. Then there was this huge other guy in an orange vest and he took a look at our tree and says “we need to shape the trunk a bit to fit it into the - wassitcalled - the thing where you insert the tree trunk to keep it upright in the living room” and he has this huge motor saw and makes in incredible hellish sound with it just to chip of a bit of wood here and there. Total show-off. Then we had waffles and mulled wine and sausages, you know, it was a rural area, they always have good sausages there, and you could buy honey and veal - no not veal, what is the word, the pig in the woods?

    H: Boar.

    N: Boar, exactly. And other game. I’m not firm in rural language, I’m a city person, all these activities with plants and animals and making things with my hands, well, I make things with my hands on the computer keyboard.

    H: And then you went back with your muddy shoes.

    N: Yes, we’ll visit Mr. Wash soon.

    H: You know, I have a dog and I live next to a forest. So I go into the forest in the winter like all the time. And you know, my Wellingtons collection in the, what's it what's the word, we call it Winter Garden. Every German person will know what I’m talking about. So, my Wellingtons collection in the Winter Garden and there is a really really really huge amount of dirt on all those pairs of Wellingtons.

    N: It was an arranged activity, I expected someone to take care of this. With carpets, or, I know this from strawberry picking, if you go there are different fields where you can go as a city person for strawberry picking and at some you just kneel in the mud and others, there it is very convenient with straw mats. Anyway, it was a nice event and we’ll go again next year. Then we'll be prepared and next time we will be the people who help other people.

    H: Because you will be the people who know that there's the chainsaw guy and I can borrow you my wellingtons and my outdoor clothing.

    N: We will have this special equipment, like you can buy those rubber covers for your trousers and we may even get an electric saw on Amazon. And the car is not as dirty as one might think, because I went back and asked the orange vest person “What is the plan for cleaning boots?” and there was none, of course, so I asked “Do you have straw here?” and of course they had, there is always straw in the countryside. So we could wipe our boots with straw before getting in the car. And I would wear different clothing, I was wearing a white coat and a very long light pink scarf that was always in the way.

    H: But seriously if you really want to do that next year, I will bring you my one of my many different winter forest outfits for your birthday.

    N: Maybe you want to come along.

    H: No, I don't want to come along!

    N: But your husband would want to come along

    H: For the sausages, yeah okay he would come for the food. But he would feel bad if he chopped a tree. I think for him it's a huge effort, a huge mental effort to have a Christmas tree. He likes Christmas trees, he is the one in the family who always needs a huge Christmas tree. But he tries to abstract away from the fact that this was a living tree, which was chopped for him and gets burned afterwards, and is emitting carbon dioxide like a super nova.

    N: So he's not the psychopathic person who would kill someone and keep the body in his living room to look at. He is not the aggressive type. But he is someone who buys a body.

    H: He would order another person, like a Mafia boss. Here, I give you 60 bucks and you do it.

    N: Yeah, like I just wanna watch.

    H. Like: I don't want to participate.

    N: I think we have said enough now.

    H: That is true. But it was a very nice topic. I hope you do something interesting tomorrow as well because I don't know how my recovery will be.

    N: Maybe for 24 days you will always be in the same room and the same bed.

    H: That would we be really bad because when I need to apply for Bürgergeld afterwards because I lost my clients. Seriously, I have to go and work tomorrow. There is no alternative to that. But I also think after 6 days of lying in bed, one should get up.

    N: But you don't have to go outside to work, right?

    H: Yeah. Yeah. But I need some kind of blood pressure that allows sitting..

    N: Maybe we can do our call early tomorrow so you'll be awake later. Because my presence is so stimulating.

    H: That is true, it gives me, what are those hormones called that make you happy?

    N: I don’t know, but I am stimulating and such a delightful person. I’m very nice. It will give you a good start into the day.

    H: Absolutely. Yeah, just send me an invite.

    Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 4. Türchen (Teil II)

    Teil I ist hier.

    N: Oh yes and it’s still early, I'm still only, maybe, halfway through with my day because in an hour approximately I'm going to pick up my daughter from a concert. And I'm going to drive her to a party in another town because a friend of hers has her 18th birthday. And so of course she has to go there but there is the concert first. So I'm driving her there. Then at two o'clock at night I'm going to pick her up again to take her home and then at nine in the morning we're going to go to another place, and this is a bit of a funny story because, actually it's a business meeting, sort of. Because I am a person they invite to the most curious things and they invited me to - I don't even have the words for this. I am struggling to find the words because I never bothered to learn the English words for this. You know, the round thing with branches out of Christmas tree and the 4 candles.

    H: Adventskranz.

    N: Yes, what is it in English? And how do you make it, what is the word, to you weave it? Or do you tie it or just make it? I don’t know. Anyway, they invited me for this activity and I said no, no I don't want to do this, I don't see myself there.

    H: Oh, I remember you telling me about that.

    N: Yes, and then they said maybe we have a different activity for you. You can chop, I mean cut, Christmas trees, you can go into the woods with an axe, would you like this? And I said yes. So tomorrow I’ll be going through the woods on a snowy evening, only it will be morning and probably a forest. 9 o’clock in the morning.

    H: Do you have shoes for this activity?

    N: No. Do I need special shoes? I thought I only needed an axe.

    H: Yeah, but probably you have to walk there and with leather sole shoes you don’t get into the woods to cut a tree.

    N: Well, as I said, it's a business appointment so I hope there will be some level of convenience and comfort! Business people don’t have shoes to walk into woods. I won't be the only one with that problem, someone will have thoughtfully resolved this in advance. I might wear high heels. Well, I don't have high heels, so I can't.

    H: But you don’t want to either you know, you are too old to still look smart if you walk into the woods in high heels. If you were 20 people would think, Oh, that's cute. But if you are 50 and do that, people think oh she's really stupid.

    N: You are so judgmental. They will think “oh that mad old pitch” and that is something I would appreciate - hey, I didn’t say pitch! I said it with a b!

    H:It doesn't want to say bean pod.

    N: Why does the THING write bean pod now? It's so - it's so rural!

    H: Anyway. You told me this morning that in your seminar you spoke about forgiveness.

    N: Did I? This morning? The day was pretty long and it's only half over for me and in another 12 hours I will chop off a tree. This is - if you think about it, you cut a tree, so you kill it, and then you decorate it and put it into your living room. That’s a bit psycho, isn’t it? Like when people kill other people and make them look nice and put them in their living rooms. Not people I know. I hope. Theoretical people.

    H:We wanted to talk about forgiveness.

    N: Yes, and I am almost there.

    H: I think it might be convenient - once you chop someone up and maybe someone I know - then it might be convenient to know where we stand on the forgiveness thing. So maybe you would care to explain.

    N: Definitely. If you forgive someone, it gives you freedom. Because you no longer have to have these thoughts in your head, these thoughts about revenge and about how much you hate that person. So the power this person's action had on you vanishes with forgiveness. So if I kill your family, you should forgive me.

    H: Well. I think I would simply kill you or hire someone to kill you.

    N: I know that this is a topic where you are a bit touchy, the killing of your familiy, this is why I chose this example, so that you can, you know, fully embrace the idea of forgiveness.

    H: I think you can’t kill my child, he is quicker than you are and he is also feisty

    N: Yes, he plays handball, so he's not easy to catch.

    H: He's very quick. That's true, but you might have an axe. So, yeah, it depends. It really depends on the situation. And if you kill my husband that would make my life very complicated. But I think that you are such a good and smart person, you wouldn't kill without a very good reason.

    N: Also, it’s quite an amount of work: planning work and tidying up afterwards and, I would need a very good motive, otherwise I couldnt be bothered. I don’t have time for this, killing and such.

    H: And there is fear afterwards. I think that our lives are pretty good right now so why would we end up in jail.

    N: Yeah, I don't see the point of being in jail.

    H: Let me continue with a follow up question. Yes, um, do you forgive everything? Just to get rid of the thoughts?.

    N: Well, it's an idea. You can decide. It's no obligation, but even if it's a terrible thing that was done to you - you know, it's done anyway. You can't change that. But you can change what you do with it. And if it occupies a large amount of your brain all the time and you can’t do other things, and it always comes up again and influences you in ways you maybe don't want because, yeah it's over and done, so what is the purpose, maybe to keep that thought inside you doesn't help you. So you could forgive.

    H: I think I might prefer another way of dealing with it. If the person is simply horrible, I think I cannot forgive. But I can stop thinking about it.

    N: Yes, it is good that you said that because it's what I also said, I can ignore it. I don't have to forgive, I can just forget. Ignore.

    H: I sort of delete the thought from my head. Exactly. And because forgiving wouldn't help, because it's still a horrible person, so why would I want to do the forgiving, I could just ignore.

    N: Maybe not everyone is as good at ignoring things as we are.

    H: Yeah, that's true. I'm actually very sure that this is true. But for me it works perfectly. I simply erase people. Mentally.

    N: I can to this too and sometimes when worrisome things occupy my mind, I assign the thoughts certain time slots during the day and so, when my thoughts start circling about the worrisome situation again, I can tell them, no, not now, your time is between 3 pm and 3:15 pm. That works fine for me. I set an alarm clock, so I don’t forget to worry at 3 pm but I stop again at 3:15. And then I don’t think about it again until the next day at 3 pm, then I have my 15 minutes again and afterwards I can continue with pleasant things.

    H: That’s a very good way. And it’s a bit psycho, too. So, this is what you learned today.

    N: Yes. And what did you learn?

    H: Nothing. I embraced the flu.

    Der große Adventskalender TP - 3. Türchen

    H: Let’s do the THING.

    N: There it is. Now we are doing the THING. Perfect. How do you feel about our THING so far?

    H: Um, I have to concentrate on feeling how I feel right now because I’m recovering from embracing the flu. But I think that the THING is so much more time efficient for me that I totally love it. And I find it entertaining because we still can see each other every evening.

    N: That’s right, and even for me it’s time efficient even though I’m at the moment the person who prepares the file for upload, because we only have to say things once, and not several times because the audio is poor. And I can always refer back to things, I can always say “I already explained, scroll up and look it up”.


    N: Did I kill you with laughter again?

    H: Yes, but it’s very easy right now because I have to cough every 10 seconds.

    N: Yes, and that’s great, it gives me the opportunity to jump in and speak.

    H: I actually have to tell you something.

    N: Oh, please do!

    H: Yesterday you told me this very uninteresting story about the rapid tests.

    N: Yes. And I lied. It’s not with pregnancy. That was on purpose, that lie.

    H: I did one today.

    N: A pregnancy test?

    H: A rapid test and you have to be very strong now. I am not pregnant.

    N: Okay.

    H: I also don’t have Covid.

    N: That’s good to know. It really is, because you know, we met only a couple of days ago, so I’m more concerned about Covid than about pregnancy because pregnancy is not contagious.

    H: It’s self imposed.

    N: True.

    H: So, what did you do today.

    N: I was at the seminar and the topic today was self-reflection which I absolutely hate. Oh my god, do I hate it.

    H: You are terrible at that.

    N: Well, I can choose, I can be terrible at that and then it’s very boring. Or I can be absolutely stunning at that and then it’s very exhausting for me, because you know I have this barrier. And it’s very good. My barrier is excellent and so normally nothing can touch me at all. And I can, you know, move it down, like by pressing a button mentally, if I want that, within half a second or so it’s down and all is fine, I’m a different kind of person, all there, no mental barrier at all. But it takes effort to keep it down if I’m not in an environment where I would naturally do that. So here, of course it’s down without effort, you know, you are not dangerous.

    H: Maybe you misjudge me.

    N: Ha ha. But in other contexts, work for example, it’s just the default that the barrier is up, which is, for me, a very good thing, because it makes everything so much easier for me. And I can still let it down sometimes on purpose if I want to achieve something by this. It has an incredible effect.

    H: But then it’s not letting the barrier down, then it’s pretending to let the barrier down.

    N: Not at all, I do let it down. And nobody ever expects it and people are overwhelmed and I move it up again and continue. It’s a very good thing to have. Like a special effect. But to keep it down on purpose for an extensive period of time like three or four hours in an environment where I would not normally do this, that’s very exhausting for me.

    H: It’s a mental effort.

    N: Yes, a mental effort. And I usually don’t – you know, I’m so clever and normally never experience mental effort. So now I have a migraine.

    H: They made you get a migraine!

    N: No, I made myself get a migraine, I could choose between being bored and getting a migraine, and I embraced migraine.

    H: Such a pity that we didn’t get the triptanes in Prague.

    N: Oh, I got the triptans from DocMorris, but they’re at home. And I’m not at home, I’m in Kassel and there is snow here, which is beautiful. I took a walk to the seminar place and back, me in the snow singing merry snow songs for, you know, one hour and a half or so.

    H: Why would you walk three kilometers to your workshop venue? I read that this morning.

    N: Why not?

    H: It’s far!

    N: I mean, how would I – no, it’s not, it’s an hour or maybe even less, 40 minutes, something like that. How would you get there? I don’t have a bike here, and it’s uphill, so I wouldn’t like going by bike anyway. There’s no visible bus or tram, and I’m not here by car so yes, I could take a taxi, I’ll do that tomorrow because tomorrow I’ll have my luggage but without luggage, I mean three kilometers is not far. I can just walk

    H: Then I have another question. Why didn’t you pick a better accommodation?

    N: There are two accommodations available here because it’s not such a big place – well, there are more but they are much more expensive and they have bad reviews so I don’t pay 180 euros per night, and the review says it’s not clean.

    H: No, you don’t want that.

    N: I picked another location a couple of months ago, that was closer to the venue but there was this lady and she was very nice but she wanted me to sit with them in the living room and on the veranda and speak with their friends and they wanted me to explain to them about the internet and about Vodafone, they had several issues with Vodafone. And they wanted me to watch Tatort with them and I don’t want this. She was very kind and she told me that she is 75 now and she does this Airbnb thing to have contact with people, and this is not what I want. You know if I go someplace and I let my barrier down for four hours without a break I can’t afterwards explain the internet to 75-year-old ladies. It’s not possible. I have to sleep, or to entertain myself. On the internet. Yeah, I have my limits, and here they are. Total disclosure: here are my limits!

    H: I think your limitations are quite obvious to anyone.

    N :Do you think so? Tell me!

    H: No, I’m kidding.

    N: Oh, okay.

    H: I’m trying to get my wittiness back from embracing the flu.

    N: So, what are your limitations?

    H: I have none.

    N: Okay. Have you ever taken part in a self-reflection workshop and then stayed for the night with a 75 year old lady who wanted to know all about the internet?

    H: No, and I think this is a very good example of me not having that limitation because that would never happen to me.

    N: You don’t like taking risks.

    H: Yeah, that’s probably it. I am choosing my challenges.

    N: You want meaningful challenges.

    H: I want better paid challenges.

    N: Yeah, I’m not that money focused. I just want challenges, whatever they may be.

    H: Yes, but I think the challenge for me can never be explaining the internet to le le le le.

    N: The THING says le le le le.

    H: Oh, the THING doesn’t know the word.

    N: Is it maybe a British English expression? Instead of elderly, let’s say ancient.

    H: Oh, and now when you say it, it can say elderly!

    N: Yeah, your pronunciation is not good.

    H: So let us subsume: if I say German it says Toronto. And if I say, elderly it says, la la la la la. The THING is bothering me. And it is only on day three and here I am talking like a person giving a language class. It’s like when I was a student and I gave crash classes in Dutch at the Volkshochschule for the unemployed. The course was eight hours per day for five days a week for four weeks. And after that, I talked like a primary school teacher on drugs.

    N: I think now we have to wrap this up somehow.

    H: We could explain why we do this very complicated wrapping up and not just stop because I think people asked why we do that.

    N: Oh, we already explained that in episode I, so now I can say it – scroll up and look it up!

    H: That’s the beauty of the THING!

    Freitag, 2. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 2. Türchen

    [Altert: Read Part I first!]

    H: Now I realized something - I'm going to say something and it will make you say "OH WOW!"

    N: [expectant silence]

    H: Look, I've never been vaccinated against flu before, ever.

    N: OH WOW! - Did you always forget?

    H: I always forgot. The thing is that I get the flu every year. And you know, people are still getting vaccinated and probably I would have gone next week or something but no, I embraced the sickness.

    N: I think you wouldn't have gone next week because you say you get the flu every year. And so it's a tradition, you are sort of a conservative person. You don't embrace change. So I don't think you would have gone to get the flu shot, but I?ll remind your next year. And maybe we can work on changing that habit. That embracing sickness habit.

    H: Yeah. And maybe then 2023 would be the first year, where I don't get the flu, that would be great. Maybe.

    N: Maybe. I've never had the flu.

    H: You don't know that.

    N: Well, I've never had any flu-like symptoms, let's say that.

    H: The funny thing is that we've been talking about flu for about 10 minutes now and the transcript doesn't know the word flu. This is going to be funny.

    N: Someone will have to, you know, read and correct. Maybe we should hire a person for this, sort an internship without payment, and late hours, because we can?t do this during the daytime, so late hours and no payment. This is a modern thing.

    H: Yeah. And we can say, but you will have a very steep learning curve. This is for the rest of your life, you will be happy that you had this very steep learning curve for free.

    N: Duh. It's not so convincing.

    H: Probably not, we will have to find a different way.

    N: I'm not worried at this point. Maybe I?ll be worried later, when I'm tired but I'm not tired now and so I'm not worried now.

    H: I'm very tired and very worried because I have the flu and can we stop doing the TP now?

    N: Absolutely. We only have to, you know, reflect for a moment again. What do you want us to think about during the 20 seconds? time we don?t speak and wait for this to save?

    H: I want to think about sleeping.

    N: Okay, Let's think about sleeping and count to 20. I?ll say the numbers out aloud because then we will learn how long it really takes. 1 2 3 4

    H: Bye-bye 5

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