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    Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 14. Türchen

    N: Hello! Hello! Hello! hello! Oh, hello! Hello! I am so relieved. The transcript works now. Imagine, what if we had not been able to continue this wonderful experience!

    H: that would have been really sad.

    N: Yes, but we are lucky today.

    H: Yeah, ok I have to moderate what you're seeing. I washed my hair like half an hour ago it's not that my head completely greasy.

    N: Yes, but what is it you are wearing? Are you wearing a nun’s – wassitcalled that nuns wear?

    H: No, I'm wearing a hoodie, because I’m cold.

    N: I see. It looked a bit like, you know, what do you call it? I don’t know that word in any language I speak because I’m not a religious person. So the clothing they wear.

    H: A habit?

    N: Or a shift? Something clothing-related is called a shift.

    H: Anyway, the reason why I look the way I look is because I just came from the shower, because I couldn't shower earlier. because so many things were delivered today.

    N: Did you order things again?

    H: I always other things.

    N: What did you buy?

    H: Today the furniture for my office came, that’s a delivery with a truck and many people schlepping stuff inside, so you have to be there to open the door because otherwise people get really angry. And I was so happy, it was 3 people but they didn’t speak German, they came in and said “do you speak English” and I said “yes” and then I said “you just bring it through to the conservatory!”. I was so happy that I know the word!

    N: And did they know the word?

    H: Probably not. But the good thing is that the information to just walk straight ahead and go through that door was enough. But yeah, that was funny. So I have to laugh about myself that I could use that word!

    N: So what else came today?

    H: Christmas presents, several. My husband is not reading the THING and he is not participating today because he is in the office.

    N: So he did return!

    H: I ordered a frying pan for my husband, so he can hit me with it if I’m not nice. I bought a very heavy one.

    (Teil II erscheint bald hier.)

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