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    Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 13. Türchen

    H: within 10

    N: (giggles)

    H: Why are you laughing?

    N: Because you speak German and the THING transcribes so much nonsense.

    H: Oh, you already started the THING!

    N: Of course, why waste time?

    H: Say, Hi to my child. My husband ran, I said “We are doing the THING now” and he said “OK I’ll go grocery shopping!”

    N: And are you concerned?

    H: Why? Oh, that he’ll never come back? No. He has been coming back for the last 15 years, it’s his habit to come back.

    N: I’ve never before seen you so optimistic.

    H:My kid is listening, and he speaks English very well so he knows what you're saying.

    N: Okay, so we have to do an under 18 transcript today. This will be difficult considering what we have done in the last 12 days. Wait a moment, I just remember that I have to send an email to the building management. I am happy that we are speaking English now because the German word “Hausverwaltung” is so unappealing. I prefer dealing with the building management. That feels different. I embrace that feeling. So, now it’s done. I was late, I had to send them my reply to an Umlaufbeschluss today, what is it in English? Ia have not idea. Anyway, I just sent that. Now I have to pay couple of invoices, well, actually several. But we can continue talking while I do that.

    H: I want to introduce you to another German word for Hausverwaltung: Facility Management!

    N: Oh yes this is such a German word!

    H: Is this more elegant to your ear?

    N: It is not, it reminds me of “Where are the facilities”.

    H: Think spa! I would come more often if you had a spa in your building.

    N: Yes, I can imagine you would come more often if I had a spa in my apartment, because if it was in the building and it was shared, you would never go there. Because you dislike other people.

    H: Do you want me to say something nice to you? I always come only for you.

    N: Oh, thank you that's nice so we can stop this whole THING now!

    H: But people will be disappointed because we didn't do anything interesting?

    N: Well, but you know, it is half time, it’s the 12th, we haven’t done anything interesting for the last 12 days, so why start now. But I think we should continue just for the fuck of it, and we should stop on the 22nd just, because we can.

    H: Oh the THING can say pack now! Oh it doesn’t for me, only for you! Why is that so??

    N: Because it's not adapted to your voice. Your voice is the nice voice, the kind voice and my voice is the swear word voice.

    H: And I would think it's exactly the opposite normally. I bet I can do that. Pack, sucks. Okay, It says sucks, sucks is okay.

    N: I trained it. I sat there in my office all day saying fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck - just to train the thing. And now it can say it and I have made it develop its intelligence and does anyone pay me for this? No. That hurts. I don’t want to do such things without pay. Now that’s a sad moment. We had a good moment, we had a sad moment, we can stop this now.

    H: You could probably talk about why we forget to do the recording every single day.

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