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    Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 11. Türchen (Teil II)

    Hier geht es zu Teil 1!

    N: Yes, I was right. What I was seeing in the upper left hand corner was the butt of a giant dwarf!

    H: Oh. Yes, it is, indeed it is butt of a giant dwarf. Do you have any comments on that?

    N: It's one of those very few times when I'm at a loss for words

    H: And this is the best I could get out of that dwarf.

    N: But I think so it's only there for Christmas right?

    H: Yes, it is. Oh, now I see the angle that you look at, oh, this is funny because you really only see the humongous butt.

    N: At least we can use an educated adjective. And giant dwarf that's almost like you know there's something like that in the universe, isn't there? Something dwarf?

    H: How do you mean in the universe? We are in the universe, everything is in the universe, even the dwarf’s butt.

    N: I mean universe like planets, rocket, outer space. Shut up, let me google.

    H: I ask SIRI - oh, she doesn’t answer. The counter intelligence is asleep today.

    N: Oh, there are many kinds of dwarves in the universe. Black, red, white, all sorts of. Maybe it was not something in our universe, you know I read all those science fiction books, maybe it is not something that exists in our reality but in an imagined reality I just read about. Not in a - what is Sachbuch in English? Not in one of those but in a novel.

    H: Oh, my God, you're tired aren't you?

    N: What is Sachbuch, tell me!

    H: OK I am tired, too, let me google that. Non-fiction.

    N: Too easy, I won’t remember that. Non-fiction for Sachbuch, that’s no challenge. What is going on with your carpentry now? Did you convert the tree you bought this morning into the doorframe already?

    H: Then would have said “Wow, this is impressive”.

    N: Well, you never know. Your husband said he was a carpenter now, so that is what a carpenter does, making things out of trees.

    H: I don't even know whether that would be cheaper than buying a doorframe.

    N: I don't think so. What did you pay for the tree?

    H: We bought a very tiny tree, and We paid €20. I already blogged about that but you didn’t read it because you weren’t at home. I decided last year that I find this, you know, the dead body thing we already talked about…

    N: Yes, yes, let’s not repeat ourselves.

    H: And so this morning I realized that this year, because my husband only wants to put up the tree on the 24th in order to raise our personal stress level and we leave on the 26th, we only have a tree for 2 days.

    N: So you decided to chop it into pieces and make a doorframe out of it immediately.

    H: No.

    N: So you decided to change your custom.
    H: No. I prefer having the tree inside much earlier, so you can enjoy the tree. But my husband doesn't want enjoyment.

    N: You have to have a tree on the 31st because your dog enjoys knocking down the tree when I come through the door.

    H:That is true. But all in all, I realized that we basically only have 3 days enjoying the 3 this year. and I don't want to kill a 3 meter tree for 3 days, so I said let’s buy a very, very tiny tree with roots, and then afterwards we put it in the garden, and he was totally happy with that. And then we talked to the kid. The kid was also totally happy. Can you put the camera in another way because now I only see your nostrils.

    N: But they are non-hairy!

    H: They are, yes, but the rest of you is so beautiful, I want to see more of you. So, we went to the store, to the Garden Center thingy, a then we went to the very tiny trees with roots and I looked at a tree, and I fell in love with the tree, and I said to my husband, Okay, let's take that one. And it was 80 cm like really tiny and it stood there, and he looked at me like a little child, and somebody stole the ball, and everything was really, bad. and he was so sad. So now we have a medium sized tree, it is 1.20, so it’s still very small. And it's very ugly, but it was the only one that was 1.20 and for my husband it was very clearly the bigger the better and if it's a bit taller than the rest, and really really ugly, we nevertheless want to have it, because it's bigger and it has it has a root.

    N: Yes, okay, so you can take care of it. And next yet it will be the most beautiful tree in town. And this year, you only have to look at it for 3 days. So all is good.

    H: All is good. You always put your tree up earlier, right?

    N: Yes, I do, even though I'm from a household where this is not the custom. But I changed this custom because I like to have the tree and smell it. So I put it up usually on the day I buy it. Only this year since we hacked it down ourselves we were too weak to put it up afterwards. so it's still on the balcony. My observation is that those trees are not hit by inflation, do you agree?

    H: They have become cheaper actually. Yes, yeah. I had the same observation because our neighbors told us this morning I wrote a message this morning that at the - what's it called it's not tree school…

    N: Nursery. Tree nursery.

    H: They wrote us this morning that in the tree nursery where we normally buy all our stuff for the garden every tree, tiny or huge is onle €24 today.

    N: Blended rate for trees. Is there another seller nearby?

    H: On the other side of the street there is the garden center.

    N: So the market is regulating things! Nice.

    H: Nice, yeah. Exactly.

    N: Did you know - in Scotland, or maybe only with the people I know in Scotland, it’s a thing to go and have breakfast at garden centers. It's what you do on weekends. Maybe this is because I don't really know you could have a good breakfast anywhere in cafes or restaurants, or something like that, I have never seen that. We always went to garden centers and they have, you know, full breakfast buffet.

    H: Yeah, that sounds nice in Holland, in Holland you buy kitchens or cars on Easter Monday. So if you want to buy a car or kitchen in Holland, you have to wait until it's Easter Monday because this is what the country does.

    N: And what happens on Easter Tuesday? Are they reduced then?

    H: That's a very good question. I don't know. I never was in the situation that I needed to buy a car or kitchen when I lived there. But I would think that they have special offers for Easter Monday on kitchens and cars.

    N: You could also make a kitchen out of Christmas trees, now that you have started with doors.

    H: I think that's enough for today.

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