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    Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 7. Türchen (Teil 1)

    H: You have to hurry up, I'm waiting for a phone call.

    N: Yes, and any moment my boss might come through the door so then you have to look like a business person which you do of course. Because I am waiting for a piece of info from him which is very very urgent but he's on the phone all the time and so sometimes he just, you know he has a wireless headset, so he runs through the office, and dumps paper on my desk because he can’t speak.

    H: Could you do me a favor? I only know him from photos. So can you turn the camera around so I can see him if he comes running in ß

    N: I’ll try, I try, but he's incredibly quick.

    H: Yeah, but that would be incredibly entertaining. I could look like a very busy business person. I could change my glasses, I could take the non-ugly business glasses. I see worse through these.

    N: You see worse but you look better. Language – yay!

    H: Incredible pun.

    N: So how has your day been so far?

    H: I've been working like a mad person, and my husband has the flu.

    N: Oh really. Oh that's new.

    H: Well, yesterday we kind of sensed that this was going to happen. And now every few hours we meet in the kitchen, all three of us because, you know, my child is also back at home because has a fever again.

    N: So every couple of hours you meet to check if everyone is still alive.

    H: No, we meet in the kitchen to consume medication.

    N: I see, Like, what do you call that? The place where you go to take drugs.

    H: Well if it's allowed then it's the white cross.

    N: Exactly. You meet and you take your methadone.

    H: And then we go and do your things again, whatever it may be. Exactly. And every single time we do that, we think of you.

    N: Why??

    H: Because I have all those things from the Vitamin Owl.

    N: Oh yes, oh I forgot that I have those things and I never took them again after I started – you know, it took a couple of weeks after Covid before I forgot that I had had it, but then at some point maybe a month later, I forgot. And then I forgot to take the vitamins.

    H: I even reordered new ones. We take zinc.

    N: Zinc gives me a terrible stomach ache. I can't take zinc.

    H: Oh I love zinc, it seems to be good if you have the flu so I've taken zinc, and we take multivitamins, and we take vitamin b1 and we take vitamin D and vitamin K. And I really don't get why I still have the flu.

    N: Vitamin D is the stuff you also take to uplift your spirits, right? When you don't have enough sunshine and I discovered that, you know, I'm not a person who needs sunshine, obviously, I detest sunshine and my body doesn't need it I think. And my spirit is always so uplifted that, you know, if I take vitamin D, that's too much. I’d be insufferable. I know what you are going to say now.

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