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    Freitag, 2. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 2. Türchen

    [Altert: Read Part I first!]

    H: Now I realized something - I'm going to say something and it will make you say "OH WOW!"

    N: [expectant silence]

    H: Look, I've never been vaccinated against flu before, ever.

    N: OH WOW! - Did you always forget?

    H: I always forgot. The thing is that I get the flu every year. And you know, people are still getting vaccinated and probably I would have gone next week or something but no, I embraced the sickness.

    N: I think you wouldn't have gone next week because you say you get the flu every year. And so it's a tradition, you are sort of a conservative person. You don't embrace change. So I don't think you would have gone to get the flu shot, but I?ll remind your next year. And maybe we can work on changing that habit. That embracing sickness habit.

    H: Yeah. And maybe then 2023 would be the first year, where I don't get the flu, that would be great. Maybe.

    N: Maybe. I've never had the flu.

    H: You don't know that.

    N: Well, I've never had any flu-like symptoms, let's say that.

    H: The funny thing is that we've been talking about flu for about 10 minutes now and the transcript doesn't know the word flu. This is going to be funny.

    N: Someone will have to, you know, read and correct. Maybe we should hire a person for this, sort an internship without payment, and late hours, because we can?t do this during the daytime, so late hours and no payment. This is a modern thing.

    H: Yeah. And we can say, but you will have a very steep learning curve. This is for the rest of your life, you will be happy that you had this very steep learning curve for free.

    N: Duh. It's not so convincing.

    H: Probably not, we will have to find a different way.

    N: I'm not worried at this point. Maybe I?ll be worried later, when I'm tired but I'm not tired now and so I'm not worried now.

    H: I'm very tired and very worried because I have the flu and can we stop doing the TP now?

    N: Absolutely. We only have to, you know, reflect for a moment again. What do you want us to think about during the 20 seconds? time we don?t speak and wait for this to save?

    H: I want to think about sleeping.

    N: Okay, Let's think about sleeping and count to 20. I?ll say the numbers out aloud because then we will learn how long it really takes. 1 2 3 4

    H: Bye-bye 5

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