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    Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2022
    Der große Adventskalender TP - 1. Türchen (The struggle is real)

    Dies ist Teil I des Adventskalenders. Nichts ist gut, vieles ist schlecht, Herzbruch hat Grippe, Novemberregen ist busy, wir wissen beide nicht, was wir da überhaupt tun.

    All das ist egal.

    Unten der Link zu Teil II.

    H: They still miss me event coverage by tech Candy Crush.

    N: You have to speak English, otherwise it doesn't work.

    H: Okay. I said, it's time to talk.

    N: How on battery Hi What could be better.

    H: I have no idea what you just said, and the transcript doesn't have either.

    N: I said, power on power Terry. Hi. Hi, okay hi Terry, how are you.

    H: Let's talk to Terry.

    N: Yeah. There was something at ?Wer wird Millionär? yesterday and there was something about a Terry.

    H: You don't watch TV, how do you know about that?

    N: Because, you know, other people in my household watch TV, and I pass through the room and the TV says there?s Terry and I say ?oh that's Terry hi Terry, how are you?. Anyway. My day has been crazy so far, you know, like I am Macbeth: sound and fury and no significance. And I keep thinking that it's difficult to explain what we're even doing here and I think how, how can we find a word for it even because it's not a podcast and, well, it's a transcript podcast so it's TP, now insert Beavis and Butthead sound.

    H: The thing is that probably we have to explain TP because people don't find that funny because they don't know what it is, but only if they are too young.

    N: And that's not the group we are aiming at.

    H: Exactly. If you are young you have no business here listening to us

    N: But it's probably on YouTube, so the young people can google YouTube, Beavis and Butthead TP, educate themselves.

    H: And then it would all be clear. So do we want to explain what we?re doing? Or are we just doing things?

    N: Do you think anything will be better when we explain it?

    H: There is no possible way to make it better.

    N: You know, your eyes get fixed to the transcript somehow, no, I don?t mean your eyes. My eyes, oh, yours too, our eyes. Sorry, the phone is ringing, I have to answer the phone.

    H: She is on the phone right now, looking very businessy.

    N: I'm back. I'm such an important person that my phone keeps ringing, really, with sound. You know people call me on the phone, like in movies.

    H: Like in the old days.

    N: Yes, so, me running around with the phone at my ear, yeah actually not at my mouth, usually people hold their phone in front of their mouths, but I don?t, I am old school.

    H: I first recognized people holding phones in front of their mouth in the US, and now I think it's started being used like that over here. My kid?s generation talks like that on the phone. Crazy people who have no idea about product design, because this is not what the designers had in mind!

    N: But sometimes, and this is disturbing I think, people talk, and you don't know that they have a phone anywhere on them, you know they have maybe a headscarf, and they have very small earplugs, and they don't have a visible cable, it?s wireless I assume. And, you know, they run around and they just speak and you don?t know why are they doing that.

    H: I think that's a beautiful improvement. When I was a university student, I had a classmate whose uncle was schizophrenic. And he said that the best invention ever for their family was the mobile phone, because he could run around outside, pretending to be on the phone with someone and talking the entire day.

    N: I think today it wouldn't be an issue even without a phone.

    H: I would prefer people talking less to themselves in public.

    N: Well you would prefer people not to talk at all because you don't want them to talk to you either. You only want to talk yourself.

    H: So every now and then I look at the transcript?

    N: And it's always nonsense, isn't it.

    H: Yeah, it is.

    N: So maybe we should save up all our important topics which we had planned on speaking about for another day. And first evaluate what we can actually do with the transcript. Before you know philosophy and linguistics and ethics and all that starts here in this TP.

    Hier geht es zu Teil II.

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